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Bridal Jewelry - Handcrafted Custom Wedding Three STRANDS NECKLACE SET Swavor

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Pearls Custom Wedding Jewelry Pearls 3 stranded Necklace Sets which is warm luster of Pearls in Tri Colors three parallel strands with a wide latch clasp give this Necklace a truly elegant look this is beautifully handcrafted in 3 stands with a rare combination of tri colors Pearls.

Material Used : Pearls its 6mm Cream Pearls & 7mm Bronze & 7mm Brown Pearls these high quality of Pearls
Necklace Length : 13 inches the inner string 15 middle string & 17 inches the outer string & have latch clasp to open & close
Earrings : Pearls Stud earrings & can make bronze & brown Pearls stud also

Guarantee : 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelry

Free Customization Service : We can make matching bracelet and/or customize the jewelry per your style, color choices

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